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Self portrait by Lanham Photography


As a new mom with tired arms and an aching head, I keep hearing these “horror” stories as people call them. A time, far, far down the line, when my baby won’t want me to hold him anymore. It’s hard in this newbie phase to really measure the weight of those words when most days all I want is for my baby not to want me to hold him!

But at 8 months old, I can already see his independence, his stubbornness, his will to detach himself from my grasp. I know, one day, I’ll miss this. One day, as much as I say he will always be my baby, he won’t actually be that baby anymore. He won’t need me to help him with every little thing. And on those days, that my mama heart hurts, and longs for the days when he was little, and couldn’t talk back, I’ll be able to look at the pictures of him from the week we brought him home. So little, all swaddled and laying on our big, king size bed. Pictures of my husband and I, very awkwardly, holding this new creature. I look put together, but inside I was a wreck. Pictures of him on his first birthday, and our yearly family pictures. I’ll be able to point to those photos, hanging prominently, and say “look how you’ve grown!”, as my son rolls his eyes, I’m sure.

But one day, he too will realize how important these pictures are. The love that grows in the chaos of that environment. The sleepless nights and one more bedtime story’s all started there. And what a beautiful beginning it was. This is why I am passionate about capturing all of your family’s beginning and milestones, documenting the growth and love that runs rampant in your family. I also love to make things that will help your family create and preserve memories for years to come.



Hi, I’m Amy! I started this entrepreneurial journey as a photographer almost 3 years ago. During that time we’ve moved twice and had a baby. I’ve always been quite the crafter and my husband has always loved this about me. We started out Etsy story with the intention of helping people document their family life. Check us out!


If you want to see pictures from my daily life, as well as photos from shoots, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I also Pin information that I think my clients will find helpful for their shoot and life in general on my Pinterest.

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