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Project 52: Week 5- Candid

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Last weekend, my husband’s cousins came in to town to stay with us for Super Bowl Weekend. (Still so bummed out about that game! Never saw that last play coming, next time run the ball!) We decided to check out the Santa Barbara Zoo on Saturday because we had never been, but heard it was awesome. It was pretty cool, we got to see one of my favorite animals, the poison dart frog. We also saw elephants, bald eagles, gorillas, and lions. It was overall really great and the views of the ocean and mountains of Santa Barbara from the zoo are just spectacular.

My candid shot for this week was at the zoo. One of the cool things that you can do at the Santa Barbara Zoo is feed the giraffes. I have never done that before! You have to buy a ticket to do it, but it was worth it. The ticket get you a bundle of food and than multiple people can feed the giraffes. The picture is my husband feeding the giraffe. I fed them too but don’t have a picture. But it was really fun and they kind of slobber on your hand.

Ventura County, Santa Barbara Zoo, Candid Photography by Lanham Photography

I really like candid photography because it shows the moment in time how it was, without all the fake smiles, and perfect settings. Sometimes these are my most favorite pictures, even though they aren’t technically perfect, but who is.

This is part of an ongoing project, where I will be posting one a week. You can see all my posts for my 2015 Project 52 here.


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