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La Verne Ice Cream Smash

You know I love cake smashes, they are one of my favorite sessions to do. For one of my blog posts I came up with cake smash alternatives and I’ve been dreaming of doing one of them ever since. Because I had never done one before, I advertised for a model call. Ollie’s mom responded and I knew Ollie would be perfect for this shoot.

We chose Oak Mesa park in La Verne because of the gazebo. I thought it would make a great back drop. After discussing which alternative cake smash would be best, we decided on doing an ice cream smash with whipped cream and strawberries, because strawberries are Ollie’s favorite.  But as luck would have it on this particular day, Ollie wanted none of that! We set up the ice cream with whipped cream and strawberries just outside the gazebo. Every time she got close to where the ice cream was set up she would get upset. She even had a mini meltdown when mom stuck her hands in the ice cream! We decided it best to scrap the ice cream portion and let Ollie lead the way.

Ice Cream Smash

Ice Cream Cake Smash

Ice Cream Cake Smash

Oak Mesa, La Verne, Red Hat

La Verne Cake Smash

All she wanted to do was explore! This little girl walked all over the park in La Verne. Her mom brought her dolly and she enjoyed showing her off and just roaming the park. This was fine with me. Even though the ice cream smash didn’t go exactly as planned, we still were able to get some great pictures!


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