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Kearney Newborn Session

Newborn with Family

Newborn Lifestyle sessions have to be one of my all time favorite sessions. I know that newborn phase can be a daunting and never ending time. Lifestyle photos can help to put it in perspective. These photos can show you the love, growth, and beauty in a moment that is so exhausting, but fleeting. This is why I love taking these photos. I feel that they give my clients something that they could never capture otherwise.

Casey and I worked together and I was thrilled when we set a date for the shoot. She has two little boys, Everette and Noah. Everette is her youngest and is absolutely adorable! But Noah stole the show. He wanted the camera to be focused on him the entire time! It was endearing and adorable to say the least. He is the perfect child for a photographer! Most children run screaming, but he had no problem smiling and making faces!

Playing with toys

Daddy and baby

Newborn Session

Noah was also so sweet with his baby brother. He wanted to cuddle him and give him kisses. I love watching siblings interact because they always give the cutest expressions!

Newborn Lifestyle

We couldn’t let Noah steal the whole show! We of course had to get some photos of just mom and dad with little baby Everette. You could very much so see the love pouring out of them as they looked at their little baby and one another.


Newborn Baby

These photos just melt my heart every time I look at them. I fall deeper and deeper in love with newborn lifestyle sessions each time I do one. Being able to capture photos of a family in the beautiful chaos of such a large transition is such an honor. And I know my clients will treasure these photos for years to come!


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