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Glendora Maternity Photos

glendora maternity photos

Vivian, Michael, and their daughter met me up in the hills of Glendora. I had never shot at this location before, but it is pretty similar to this location in Upland where I have done a couple maternity shoots. Vivian really liked the feel of those photos but wanted to stay locale to Glendora. This was the perfect location. With lots of wide open spaces, trails, and the overgrowth that makes for some beautiful photos. These Glendora maternity photos came out absolutely gorgeous.

Glendora Maternity Photos

This family is absolutely adorable. When they first arrived their daughter was napping in the car. She had fallen asleep on the car ride in and so she was a little standoffish at first. Isn’t that just like toddlers? Never sleeping when you want them to and always falling asleep at the wrong moment?! It wasn’t an issue at all though. We allowed her to warm up and get used to me. We also tried to let her run around and play. She, of course, liked that. But she didn’t want to smile! I was determined to make her smile, as was her dad. So he jumped up and down with her in his arms and that made her smile and laugh. With a few well-timed jumps, we were able to get some adorable pictures with her smiling!

We had a lot of fun just goofing off on the trails and taking photos. We chased around that little girl and of course got some adorable belly photos. We shared some laughs as well. They were really fun to work with! I can’t wait to meet their new little boy and hopefully capture some equally adorable photos of him.

I love the way these photos came out! If you’re thinking about getting photos done, please contact me! I’d love to work with you and create special memories for your family.

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