Lifestyle photography is normally used to describe a documentary style approach to photographing everyday life. This type of photography aims to capture clients in real life situations with the goal of telling a story about what is going on in that moment. Lifestyle sessions normally take place in a client’s home, but can also be taken in a coffee shop, or somewhere else out in the world using natural light or whatever light is available. The main focus of the session will be to capture life as it occurs.

Lifestyle is different than documentary in that there will be some direction during the shoot. While the emphasis of a shoot like this is not on posing, I may give suggestions during the shoot to help the client relax and to create photos that best capture the moment. It is important to relax and be comfortable in any shoot, but in lifestyle especially we really want the feeling of the moment to shine through the photographs.

A lifestyle session can be done for any type of session. Whether you are getting married, you just had a new baby, or you want to capture your family together. You can cook or bake during your session, play in the park, or just sit around your house and interact with one another. I will hang back and capture the action as it happens.

The amount of time you will need to book a lifestyle session will vary. For a newborn lifestyle session, you can expect the shoot to last one and a half to two hours. For all other lifestyle sessions, an hour is usually enough. Newborn sessions take a longer time because newborns they can be unpredictable and may need more frequent feeding and changes during the session. Also, I try to capture each family member interacting with your newborn and with each other, as well as your newborn alone. This will give you a good variety of images.

Your images from a lifestyle session will be edited in black and white or soft color edits in order to let the emotions of the photos really shine through.

All photo sessions start out at $200. I would love to work with you to capture your lifestyle session. If you are interested in booking or have any questions please contact me. I look forward to working with you!