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Glendora Cake Smash – Sweet Girl

I was so excited to do this Sweet Girl’s cake smash! I know this family pretty well and have done many of their photoshoots over the years. I had the honor to photograph Sweet Girl as a newborn during my very first lifestyle newborn session. I also took her mama’s maternity photos and had done her brother’s cake smash! So I was really excited for this session!

Since it was supposed to rain the day of the session, we decided to do it in the kitchen at their house. Normally, I do all my cake smash sessions outside. It makes the clean up a little bit easier. But since their flooring was wood, it ended up being the perfect! I brought along the cake stand, couple hats, and the banner, they already had the flower crown and most importantly our little one year old!

Glendora Cake Smash

First, we took some photos of the setup and her by herself. This is her bunny that she loves, and they were so cute together! She wanted to read to the bunny and give it kisses.

Cake Smash

Then we brought out the cake! Sweet girl was unsure at first, but after her mom gave her a taste of the frosting, she was all over it! She dove right in and got frosting everywhere!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out big brother! He was upstairs for most of the cake smash, but he showed up at the end to join in on the fun.

I asked if I could get a couple pictures of the whole family, and I really hope every cake smash ends like this from now on! It was so cute and everyone had a great time.

Of course, I also had to get a picture of the aftermath. Another successful cake smash in the books.

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