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What to Expect: Cake Smash

What to expect- Cake Smash

It’s almost impossible to predict how a Cake Smash session will go. By nature, these shoots are largely led by your child. They will dictate how the shoot will go. We can obviously redirect their attention but know that since this is a session focused solely on one child (normally), that it is going to be a lot different than a regular session. This is what you should expect going into a Cake Smash.

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Lumberjack Cake Smash

My baby is one! It’s so crazy that he is already one year old! Because I’m so crazy and excited about him being one, I went a little overboard. I wrote a couple weeks ago about some cake smash themes for boys and girls and said I had picked a Lumberjack cake smash theme for Bugs cake smash. When I originally picked this theme, I had no idea that it was so popular! Searching for props for photo shoots is definitely one of my favorite parts of themed shoots.

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How I lost 70 Pounds on the Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

As I mentioned in my other blog post, I made a new years resolution to get into shape, while leading a busy life as a new dad. While these first couple weeks have had ups and downs, I have to say I am happy with my progress this far. But this isn’t an update, not quite yet. I wanted to share with you the journey that led me to enjoy exercise and see the true benefit of a healthy diet.

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Photo Sessions

Downtown Glendora Family Photos – Lopez Family

After doing a family session in Downtown Glendora a few months ago, I knew I wanted to do more sessions down there. It’s such a great location for a session. It’s never super crowded and there’s a lot of beautiful scenery. When I first decided I wanted to do another downtown Glendora family photo session, I had the Lopez family in mind. Every year we do their Christmas photos, and I just knew they would be perfect for this location.

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The Advice I wish I would have Listen To

I can’t believe it’s already been a year. My little man is officially a year old a time has just flown by! This past weekend we had his first birthday party and I can’t wait to share it with you. But now that it’s been a year, I find myself reminiscing a lot. Thinking back to those first few months, and I’m still not totally sure how we survived. I’m so thankful for our support system. It’s the whole reason we moved back to Glendora, and although it was a little bit of a rough transition, it has been so good for our family. While reminiscing and going through items for his party, I thought back to my baby shower and all the advice I received while pregnant. In those first few months, it was just about surviving. But now, I look back and realize how much I should have listened to.

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Photo Sessions

Glendora Cake Smash – Sweet Girl

I was so excited to do this Sweet Girl’s cake smash! I know this family pretty well and have done many of their photoshoots over the years. I had the honor to photograph Sweet Girl as a newborn during my very first lifestyle newborn session. I also took her mama’s maternity photos and had done her brother’s cake smash! So I was really excited for this session!

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Ten Dollar Christmas

At the beginning of the year, when I wrote about our goals, I mentioned that I had been listening to Dave Ramsey and we’d been trying to stick to a budget. Because of this, we decided to reevaluate our Christmas gifts for 2016. We put together a budget for every person on our list in Google Spreadsheets with what we wanted to get and then the actual amount we spent. We looked for deals and tried our hardest to stay under budget. But for ourselves, we wanted to do something different.

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Cake Smash Themes for Boys

Cake Smash Themes for boys

My little boys first birthday is quickly approaching. So, of course I’ve been doing lots of research on cake smash themes. A few weeks ago I showed you some cake smash themes for girls, so now it’s only fair I show some cake smash themes for boys. I’ll also tell you which one I’ve decided to do for my little boys cake smash session! Super excited as it will be planned in the next couple weeks.

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